Подборка фотографий для всех, кто любит море:

Indonesia Bali / summer / landscape / sky / clouds / wave / water / sunset / ocean / sea / photography / buildings by Cuba Gallery.

A Day at the Beach by WisDoc. 

New Zealand / nature / ocean / clouds / waves / sea / sky / blue / light / summer / sunset / landscape / photography by Cuba Gallery.

104/365 # How To Be Happy: lie in the sun at the beach on a summer day with a good book, feel the sound of the sea and the wind in your hair, take your camera, point... click. by ~ielle~ ilarialuciani.com. Janine looking like she'll actually swim by ippei + janine.

Key Biscayne beach by ronnie44052. 

...sunrise in the Yucatan.. by katifelkai.

Campers in prime position by ippei + janine.

Beach Boat Palm Trees Cambodia Asia Asien Kambodscha Strand Meer Ocean Sea by hn..

SUNSET by Viorica G. 

Hammocks by Julio López Saguar.

Aphrodite by Avocenz.

Flashy Sea Oats at Sunset by kathleenjacksonphotography. 

Swatch by FelonyMelanie. 

Half moon kite surf ocean sky - a storm is brewing in the background by Cuba Gallery.

Flower Sea Thailand Island by hn..

Gold Coast is Blue by GYaw Ho.

Caribbean beach at sunrise by canbalci.


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